Non Resident Indian (NRI)Services

Our NRI Practice Area is specifically designed to cater to the legal needs of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and foreigners. We understand the unique challenges and legal requirements that arise for individuals residing outside of India. Our experienced team provides personalized and efficient solutions to address a wide range of legal matters, ensuring that our NRI and foreign clients receive the highest level of service and support.

NRI Specific Services,Goal Oriented, Convenient and Affordable

At our firm, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal services tailored specifically for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). We understand the unique challenges and legal requirements that NRIs face when it comes to managing their legal affairs in India. Our experienced team is dedicated to offering personalized and efficient solutions to address the diverse needs of NRIs across various legal domains.


Property Title Verification

We assist NRIs in conducting thorough title searches, obtaining and verifying current ownership records of their properties in India. Our team ensures that the property titles are clear and free from any encumbrances or disputes, providing our clients with peace of mind.


Succession Certificate Assistance for Inheritance and Estate Management

Obtaining a succession certificate is crucial for NRIs when it comes to inheriting assets or managing the estate of a deceased family member in India. We provide expert guidance and assistance in obtaining the succession certificate through the appropriate court of law, facilitating a smooth transition of assets.


Resolving Developer Disputes

We understand that NRIs may face challenges and disputes with developers regarding real estate projects. Our team specializes in settling claims against developers in consumer courts and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), ensuring that the rights and interests of NRIs are protected.


Banking and Finance Support

For NRIs seeking support and guidance in banking and finance-related matters, we offer comprehensive services. Whether it’s opening an NRI bank account, navigating foreign exchange regulations, or resolving financial disputes, our team provides the necessary expertise and assistance.


NCLT Matters: Corporate Legal Services

Handling company and corporate-related matters in the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) can be complex. We have the knowledge and experience to handle NCLT matters efficiently, ensuring compliance and representing NRIs in corporate legal proceedings.


Comprehensive Real Estate Solutions

We offer tailored solutions for NRIs involved in buying or selling real estate assets in India. From legal due diligence to drafting and reviewing agreements, our team assists in navigating the intricacies of real estate transactions, protecting our clients’ interests throughout the process.


Litigation Representation for Non-Resident Indians

Our team provides comprehensive assistance to NRIs in filing and representing their legal matters in courts across India. Whether it’s civil, criminal, or commercial litigation, we offer expert guidance and representation, ensuring that our NRI clients’ rights are vigorously defended.


Landlord-Tenant Dispute Resolution

We specialize in handling landlord-tenant disputes, assisting NRIs in evicting hostile tenants and drafting landlord-tenant agreements that protect their rights as property owners.


Strategic Corporate Advisory

We provide strategic advice and guidance to NRIs on corporate matters, helping them navigate the complexities of company law, compliance, and corporate governance. Our expertise in corporate services ensures that NRIs can effectively manage their businesses in India.


Adverse Possession Assistance

For NRIs dealing with adverse possession issues, we offer comprehensive assistance in filing and representing all matters related to adverse possession. Our team ensures that our clients’ rights and claims are protected within the legal framework.


Smooth Transfer of Property Ownership

Transferring and mutating ownership rights of a property can be a complex process. Our team provides expert assistance to NRIs in transferring and documenting ownership rights, facilitating smooth property transactions.


Partition of Property: Fair Division

We offer complete assistance to NRIs seeking to separate their share in jointly owned properties through legal partition. Our team ensures fair and efficient division of property rights, providing personalized solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs.


Tax Matters: Assessment and Remedies

We provide assessment and legal remedies for NRIs facing tax-related matters in India. Our team assists in resolving tax disputes, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, and optimizing tax planning strategies.

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