Arbitration Process in India

Arbitration Process in India Author Alankar Narula Share Now In India, the process of arbitration typically involves several stages from the appointment of an arbitrator to the enforcement of the arbitral award. Here are the key stages of arbitration in India: Appointment of Arbitrator: The process begins with the appointment of an arbitrator or a […]

Trademarks Importance And Registration In India

A trademark can be defined as any mark proficient of being depicted graphically which is competent of separating goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises. A sign can incorporate a word, letter, name, personal signature, numeral, device, any figurative element, brand, label, ticket, colour, sound, shape, aspect of packing, or any […]

Selling a Property on a Power of Attorney

Selling a Property on a Power of Attorney Author Alankar Narula Date June 13, 2023 Share Now Selling a Property on a Power of Attorney (FREE SAMPLE INCLUDED)   A ‘Power of Attorney’ is a legal document that results in the grant of authorisation from one person to another. The authorisation thus gained enables the […]

Why Do You Need A Legal Retainer?

When someone makes a threat to “call their lawyer”, they most probably mean to have a personal lawyer “on retainer.” Butwhat is a retainer? Broadly speaking, it refers to a situation when someone is in a mutual agreement with their lawyer to solicit their legal expertise from time to time, in exchange for a regular fee. Such a […]